Why algae


As a young company, the future of our planet is very important to us. With the ever-growing population and the resulting increasing food shortages, the question of food security in the future arises. One nutrient rich and climate friendly is spirulina algae. Algae are easy to grow in fresh water and are High in protein, iron and vitamins. While countries like Japan and Spain have long recognized the super powers of algae, Switzerland is still far behind in this regard. Right there comes Alvetia in the game! Our plan is with the microalgae Spirulina because it is easy to process into products in its powder form and gives every dough and mass a rich green hue. In this way we can slowly increase the proportion of algae in our products and slowly get our customers used to the green wonder herb! 

More information about algae and why they are important: 

SRF News Videos - Algae as a climate saver? – Play SRF




We bring algae. to Switzerland and integrate them into fine foods.  
Algae bind CO2, grow quickly and only need sun and water and a small cultivation area! 

The algae become sustainable in the law produced. We are thus supporting an emerging industry. All ingredients are 100% certified organic.

The production takes place in the social institution in the pottery house Suhr. This is how we can give something back to society

The paper bag with a viewing window of the O-Mega-Cracker can be used as a waste bag for smaller waste and then disposed of. The glass packaging of the seaweed can easily be used as a container reused be or be filled up with us. 

The packaging is not easy too dispose, as it has a plastic viewing window. Food must be packaged hygienically. Thus, our packaging with Co2 neutral kraft paper offers the most sustainable solution  

We make deliveries to regions near us with public transport personally. Otherwise we ship our products climate-neutral by post.  

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