September 4th
opening event

At the opening event on November 4th, we presented our company to the public for the first time and were already able to look forward to a lot of positive feedback at this early stage.

September 24th
Sale at UBS

We were allowed to sell at the opening of the Zurich Christmas lights in a UBS branch.

Christmas markets

During the Christmas season we took part in a total of 7 sales events with 10 sales days. We sold across the canton of Aargau from Lenzburg to Laufenburg in any weather and grew together as a team.


February 1st
pottery house

Our crackers are now being made in a social institution, the Töpferhaus in Suhr. We are proud to support a company that offers jobs to mentally handicapped people.

13th February
seaweed trip

We obtain our algae from the Swiss algae producers "Spiruline de petit prés". On a joint trip to the canton of Jura, we were able to get to know the extremely friendly owners personally. More information about algae culture here

February 25th
Pitch competition win!

With our convincing pitch and quick-witted answers during the Q&A, we were able to score points with the jurors and win.

7th March
Alvetia in the newspaper

We were delighted to read about the successes we had achieved in the "Aargauer Zeitung".

March, 20th
New product

Our newest product is the fine Algewürz, a rich mixture of herbs refined with Spirulina. Our spice turns every sauce into a delicacy and is particularly suitable as a dip in combination with O-Mega Crackers! You will find this here!

March 24th
Nomination for the Goldbach/Imaxulix Media Award

In the top 75 ranking, we were able to leave a lasting impression with our online presence and qualify for the media award.

April 1st
National Trade Fair

By reaching the top 75 mini-companies, we were allowed to sell our O-Mega Crackers in Shopville at Zurich main station at the beginning of April 1st. An additional milestone was the launch of our new product, "Algewürz", on the same day.

12. April
Top 22!

With our performance at the NTF in Zurich, we were able to qualify for the top 22 mini-companies in Switzerland. It remains exciting!

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