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The story of Alvetia

Many scientists are convinced that algae are the future of food security. They offer a nutrient-dense and eco-friendly solution that makes it easy to grow protein, iron and vitamin-rich foods in freshwater. Spirulina, a blue-green algae, was harvested by the Aztecs from the waters of Lake Texcoco in Mexico. It was considered extremely valuable at the time and is still used today as a dietary supplement and for medicinal purposes.

Combining this ancient knowledge with our modern ideas, we are proud to have created Alvetia - a brand that combines health and sustainability, shaping the future of nutrition. We hope that our crackers are not only tasty, but also help to make the world a little better.

50 %
organic ingredients
40 %
Vegan ingredients

our mission


Healthy snacks for a balanced diet

Our mission is to enable the Swiss population to have a balanced and healthy diet. We also offer alternative snacks that are a healthier alternative to chips. With our products, we would also like to bring algae closer to the Swiss population and thus make a contribution to sustainable nutrition.

We also support organic farmers and only use vegan ingredients in the manufacture of our products. By using lots of protein and omega-3 fatty acid grains in our crackers, we want to help our customers feel fit and healthy. In order to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, we also use waste heat to bake our snacks. In this way, we make a contribution to climate protection and are committed to a sustainable future.

Company name and logo

In line with our mission to bring algae closer to the Swiss population, we chose the name «Alvetia». Alvetia is made up of "algae" and "Helvetia" (Switzerland). Our logo is embedded on an elegant dark green background so that the white lettering and the light green glowing algae immediately catch the eye. In line with this, we have defined the corporate colors with light green, dark green, white and black.

A YES project

YES is the leading provider of practice-oriented business education programs for schools in Switzerland. As part of the Company Program, middle school learners (16 to 20 years old) set up and run a real company over the course of a school year, supervised by their teachers, voluntary business mentor and YES. YES is a tax-exempt non-profit organization financed by membership and partnership contributions. More information at: www.yes.swiss

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